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This Saturday Luke Baker will present Easy, his debut feature documentary, to an audience at The Square.
The hour long film documents Harlow band PennyRoyal who try and reform for one last shot at rock and roll success.
However, just 12 months ago 25-year-old Luke, from the Sumners estate in Harlow, only had ambitions to be a journalist.
"Easy follows the journey of two lifelong friends who after a five year hiatus reform their band," said Luke who studies journalism at Anglia Ruskin University.
"It started off just being a promotion film I was making for the band, but when I saw their relationships I thought it might be a great film and I ended up following the band over the course of a year.
"Over a twelve month period it documents the highs and lows of what it means to be a band desperate for recognition.
"It highlights the unusual and often toxic relationship between the two founding members."
PennyRoyal are a band that were on the fringes of the big time a decade ago but never quite made a breakthrough.
The writing of founding members Mitch Harrington and Stuart Ferguson contained moments of genius that saw the four piece tipped to be the next big thing.
With an indie style reminiscent of The Verve and the Stone Roses the PennyRoyal cut into the post Britpop mood and found a home at The Square, where they played several times.
The band will in fact be playing a set at after the film screening alongside Kindred Shins and Don't Worry.
"PennyRoyal were a band I saw three or four times accidently about 10 years ago," said Luke.
"I knew of them and I had interviewed members of the old band, it was never anything more than that, but there were well known to be a band on the rise."
However, the wheels began to fall off as personal problems became a strain on Mitch and Stuart's increasingly volatile relationship – causing the band to go through numerous line-up changes and eventually implode in 2010.
The beginning of Easy marks the start of their reformation process with Chris Rose stepping in on bass and Josh Ring on drums to back up the guitar and vocals of Mitch and Stuart.
"It was not an easy process," said Luke, referencing the name of the film which doubles up as a PennyRoyal song title.
"There were so many personal issues between the two and that continued into the start of the new band. Much of the film details that.
"It's been one of the hardest things I've ever done and to see it all come together has been a massive relief and immensely satisfying."
The Square event is the only planned screening of Easy as Luke plans to take the film to festivals next year.
He has run an online Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to make and promote the film.
"On the Facebook event it says we have 125 people down as coming, and it would be amazing if even half of them were to come.
"We raised £500 for the film, so to make that money back would be a real achievement.
"I hope as many people can come as possible."
Easy will be shown at The Square, Fourth Avenue, Harlow on Saturday December 5. There will be live music from Kindred Shins, Don't Worry and PennyRoyal. A trailer for Harlow made film Poison Flower will also be shown. Tickets cost £6 and can be bought from
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